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Can you hear the sex of a composer?

The challenge is on! Simply listen to these seven extracts (it will take less than 4 minutes), and guess the sex of each composer. Let me know what you think – and why.

Which one(s) were written by women?

By the way, I explored some of the issues at stake in this post.




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6 thoughts on “Can you hear the sex of a composer?

  1. Roger Harvey on said:

    1. Woman 2. Man 3. Woman 4. Woman 5. Man 6. Woman 7. Man

    Very interesting – challenges stereotypes of “grand”, “loud”, “bold”, “sweet”, and “if it’s Haydn-like then it must be by a man”.

  2. 1,4,5,7 women

  3. Joan Drage on said:

    1. Male 2. Female 3. Female 4. Male 5. Female 6. Female 7. Male. I’m afraid I can’t articulate why I think this.

    • Well, you’ve demonstrated beautifully that you cannot tell simply from the music – you got one “right” but I won’t say which one, so as not to spoil it for others! THANK YOU!

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