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nuns with guns II

When in doubt, spend one’s idle moments dreaming up titles. This book has gone through a number already. It began as In the Shadow of the Courtesan – travels in search of women composers (thus the blog title – can’t quite let those courtesans go). By the time I’d got a serious proposal worked up, it had become La Musica, a title I still love, since it suggests the embodiment of music in the professional female composer. Francesca Caccini, the wonderful composer that I am writing about now, appears in the account books of the Medici as ‘la musica’. She quite simply is the music. But non-English titles are, apparently, off-putting to the UK/US market. OK. So the working title at the moment is A Secret Art, which is nice and suggestive, but a bit Da Vinci code.

There have been other suggestions. My daughter proposed Looking for Fanny, inspired no doubt by her deep and abiding concern to celebrate the life and work of Fanny Mendelssohn. Thanks for that. Matt Harvey has offered the best suggestion so far: Nuns with Guns II. I’d happened to mention that music-making nuns, working in dangerous political conditions, featured quite heavily in my early research. Matt took the idea and ran with it. The ‘II’ is particularly inspired, and hints not only at a completely illusory Nuns with Guns I (which was obviously successful enough to inspire a sequel) but also might encourage a gaming tie-in. Watch your back, Call of Duty. Where are your nuns with guns?

a nun with a gun

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you a nun with a gun.


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4 thoughts on “nuns with guns II

  1. Katrina on said:

    Thinking about the gaming potential for your new book is very smart. What about the film rights?

    • The only thing is – and don’t do this at home – doing a google search for nuns with guns reveals a nunsploitation (yes, it’s a word) film – and I use the term loosely – that I’d rather not have connected with the Anna Beer brand…

  2. Good blog it’s funny and interesting great job good blog

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